Sampurna Bazaar is a community focussed and leading online grocery store. From the home of Varada Innovations P Ltd (VIPL) – India’s largest B2B eCommerce portal, headquartered at Bangalore.

Through sampurna-bazaar mobile app, you can select choicest products of select brands from an easy to use interface, portrayed with amazing deals and special offers available during the time of your order placement.

The ordering convenience, packaging, dispatch and delivery service is state-of-the-art with robust backend systems and round the clock customer service for order tracking and customer queries. Presently, sampurna-bazaar is servicing in Bangalore. The exceptional service benefit of sampurna-bazaar is the one-stop-shop-experience, not just with groceries but with a plethora of products ranging from veggies to televisions. VIPL is an end-to-end technology-enabled service provided with a vision to be servicing PAN India by the end of 2020.

To make your first order with sampurna-bazaar, download the app here. Know more about our products at and our corporate and business services at